Someday, you will again be here. But until then, you are in my thoughts, every moment.

On this Children’s Day, I want to tell you why I set up this school. I will try to write this letter in simplest possible English so that every one of you, from the tiniest ones to the big ones, can read this by yourself.

Many of you know that I spent most of my childhood in Suri. That time, Suri was not so crowded. There were a lot of empty fields. Roads were safe — we did not have so many cars and bikes back then. Everyone knew everyone else.

My school used to end around 10 o’clock in the morning. After that, I would go out to play in the empty fields with other friends from the school or nearby houses. In the evening, people would often come and visit. We did not have a TV in my house. But I never felt bored, because there were always many people to talk to — people of my age, and people who were much older.

I loved every moment I spent in Suri. I loved the people here. I loved the quiet and simple way of life. That’s why when I grew up, I wanted to come back here. And soon I found a reason why I must come back.

I did very well in my studies, becoming a top-5 student all over the state in many exams. But even then, I found that it is very difficult for even a student like me to be successful in life and jobs without knowing and speaking English well. And it’s not just English — life needs many skills — thinking logically, speaking fluently, writing clearly, using technology — which are not taught much at schools.

It’s then I decided to set up a school which will prepare students for life. Since I loved Suri and its people, naturally I wanted to set it up here.

For the last ten years, we built the school, brick by brick. We made the classrooms, labs, badminton courts, of course — but we also spent equal time writing simple stories for you so that you like to read, we made clever sums for you so that you learn to think. We talked with you a lot in the class, told you stories, so that you learn to speak fluently. Throughout all this, we wanted to keep it fun and enjoyable for you so that you love to learn.

But then, suddenly, in March this year, everything stopped.

The virus and the lockdown forced us to close the school. But that did not stop me. Over the next six months, I almost built a whole new school for you — only instead of classrooms and labs, this school has many Limit apps, Count, Ink, and many new Math Delta modules. Throughout this time, we worked day and night to make sure you can learn in spite of this lockdown. And you can learn in the same fun way that you always did in the school.

Why did we do so much? The answer is simple: love.

I set up the school because I loved Suri and its people. And I continue to work very hard for you because I love all of you, from the Class of 2032 to Class of 2021.

I love you, and I want all of you to have a good time, during your time in the school, and beyond.

Founder, The Levelfield School. Writes on education and society.